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Assessing Exams

You can access the Exam Management application via your faculty's application menu. If you are entered as an examiner, you can access the application via your Personal Business Card. Only your exam dates will be displayed.

1. Select your organisation via the Organisation Tree. Your organisation's business card opens.


Select the application using your Personal Business Card.

2. In the application menu, click on the Exam Management application. The application opens.

3. Enter your PV PIN.

Please note: There is a special feature for the Exam Management application. To be able to work with the application, you must enter a PIN code.

The PV-PIN code is a security code that must be entered each time the Exam Management is accessed. All users who work with exam management automatically receive their personal PV PIN when they first access the Exam Management application. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS!

The PIN code can be changed in the Settings module.

If you have forgotten your PV PIN, please contact your faculty's Exam Management administrator.