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Accepting Study Place

Please note: If you have applied for a place which is offered within the framework of the Dialogorientierten Serviceverfahren (DoSV), you must accept the place using the application portal of There you will also find the deadline for accepting the study place.

1. You will receive notifications about your admission by e-mail to the address you provided in the online application. The link in the e-mail will take you directly to the status overview of your application(s)..

Please note: Please remember to let us know via KLIPS 2.0 within the deadline if you would like to accept the place at the University of Cologne. If you fail to inform us within the required period, you will lose the place. For study places in the local selection process, you will find the deadline in the status of your application. 

2. To accept the offered place, click on Accept Study Place.

3. You can download the admission document. Click on Download Notification.


4. If you would like to continue preparing your admission right away, follow the information under Admission Application and Required Documents from step 2.