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Current/ Home Address

You can manage your current and home addresses in the application My Addresses.

You can find the application the in application menu on your Home Screen.

Please note: The instructions described here refer to the desktop view, but correspond to those in the mobile view.

View of the home screen. The My Addresses application is highlighted in the application menu.

1. To edit your addresses click Edit Address.

View of the currently saved semester and home addresses. At the bottom right, the Edit Address button is highlighted.

Please note: You can edit all information with the exception of your smail-address.

2. In order to save your changes click Save and Close or Cancel/Close, if you do not want to save your changes.

View of the Edit Address editing form. The Home Address section is displayed. The Save and Close and Cancel/Close buttons are highlighted at the bottom.

Please note: In order to change the country in the drop-down menu, you have to edit the address first.

View of the Edit Address editing form. The Correspondence Address (Semester Address) section is displayed. The entries Street and number, Postal Code/City and the entry France in the drop down menu Country/State are highlighted.