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Course Administration in KLIPS 2.0

The course administration in KLIPS 2.0 includes those applications with which the course catalogue (courses offered) at the University of Cologne can be entered, edited and managed. The courses offered include the sum of all approved courses in a semester or academic year.

This chapter is structured according to the applications that you use as part of the course administration in KLIPS 2.0. These are:

Name of Application               Abbreviation Description
Course Administration        LEH The Course Administration application is primarily used to enter, edit and manage the courses offered..
Courses                                                                    LV The Courses application contains the respective courses offered (= course catalogue) by an organisation (e.g. faculty, seminar, institute). All approved courses can be viewed in this application.
Modules/Courses                               STPMGHK Using the Modules/Courses application, SPO allocation suggestions are confirmed and SPO allocations are subsequently added or deleted.
Course Bookmarks LV_BKM Course Bookmarks are references to courses that are of interest to you (similar to bookmarks in a web browser). These references are collected in your course bookmark list.
Registration Status                  STS The Registration Status application offers an overall overview of a student's studies.
Semester/Course  Bundling                               MOD_MNG The Semester/Course Bundling application is used for semester planning for the B.Sc. Biology and Medical Studies.