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First Steps

The technical requirements for working with KLIPS 2.0 are minimal. All you need is an internet connection and an up to date web browser (e. g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

The KLIPS 2.0 website is:

What does KLIPS 2.0 offer?

KLIPS 2.0 provides important information and applications for planning and organising your tasks:

•    Searching for (teaching) staff, institutions, rooms and courses
•    Overview of the courses and degree programmes offered by the University of Cologne’s organisations.
•    Editing of the Personal Business Card (homepage, phone number, office hours, etc.)

Specifically for teaching staff:

•    Overview of your own courses and exams
•    Administration of course participants and e-mail communication
•    Use of a personal calendar, which automatically lists the dates of all your courses and exams and allows you to add other personal appointments or events.