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Exam Management in KLIPS 2.0

The Exam Management application consists of a series of modules that are displayed in the basic window, depending on the employee's rights.

Please note: There is a special feature for the Exam Management application. To be able to work with the application, you must enter a PIN code.

The PV-PIN code is a security code that must be entered each time the Exam Management is accessed. All users who work with exam management automatically receive their personal PV PIN when they first access the Exam Management application, which is only displayed once. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS and then change it in the Settings module.

If you have forgotten your PV PIN, please contact your faculty's Exam Management administrator.

Please note: You can reach the Exam Management application via both your Personal Business Card and your Organisation's Business Card. In the Organisation drop-down menu, you can choose whether you want to see your own exam dates or all exam dates of your faculty or department.

Some of these modules are used more frequently in everyday work than others. In order to be able to quickly access these modules without scrolling the basic window, there is a quick start bar. By default, the icons of all modules for which you are authorised are displayed in the quick start bar below the organisation selection. In the list of modules, these are marked with a yellow star on the far right. To remove an icon from the quick start bar, click the star. (It will then be white with a yellow border.) To add, click on this star again.