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Switching Profiles

If you have two KLIPS 2.0 user profiles, you can switch between them.

You will have two profiles if:

  • you are both a member of staff and a student of the University of Cologne (e.g. a student assistant).


  • you are already enrolled as a student of the University of Cologne and your basic account has not yet been deleted after your enrolment.

Please note: In this case, your Basic Account is no longer relevant. It is essential that you log in with your Student Account. After your enrolment, your basic account will be automatically deleted with a slight delay. Once your student account has been activated, it replaces your basic account.

Please note: Detailed information about how enrolled students can apply for other degree programmes of the University of Cologne can be found here.

Generally, it is possible to switch your profile in two places, which are explained below. Please note that the views on desktop computers and mobile devices differ.

Go to Switching Profiles – Desktop View

Go to Switching Profiles – Mobile Devices