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How is KLIPS 2.0 structured?

KLIPS 2.0 provides information for both registered and non-registered users.

As soon as you register, your personalized view of KLIPS 2.0 offers you more detailed information and applications.

Using the Organisation Tree on the left hand-side, you can access organisation websites (business cards of organisations). The different levels of the organisation tree can be expanded or reduced by clicking on "+" and "-". The Organisation Tree can be shown or hidden using the icon (top left of page). By clicking on , a new window will open.

KLIPS 2.0 comprises different applications, which can be accessed using the Application Menu on your Personal Business Card or the Business Card of an Organisation.

Structure of KLIPS 2.0 user interface, photo: © Zlatan Durakovic - - Please click to enlarge.

You can open an Application by clicking on it. In every application, there is a Navigation Area on the top right of the page and a Workplace.

Structure of an Application in KLIPS 2.0 - Please click to enlarge.