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Printing Timetables

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Printing Timetables of Your Own Course(s)

1. Click on your name in the top right to open your Personal Business Card.

2. Click on the Courses application in the Application Menu.

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3. Your Courses Offered (courses for which you are listed as a lecturer or assistant in KLIPS 2.0) will be displayed.

4. In the navigation area, click Timetables in the Display row.

5. The Course Lists - Printing Options/ Timetable window opens. All courses for the selected academic year are displayed in a tabular overview. Scroll down to specify the printing options for your timetable (see the Printing Options (Explanations) table below for more information with examples).

6. If you would like the same dates of a course to be grouped together in your timetable list, enter a value "n > 1" in the Summarise If <n> Or More Same Dates text field (further information with an example can be found in the table Print Options (Explanations) below).

7. Use the Only Dates of selection field to select your name (if other lecturers are assigned to your courses).

8. Click the Print List button. Your timetable will open as a PDF file.

Please note: For more information about printing options, see "Printing Options (Explanations)" below.

Printing Options (Explanations)

Option                             Explanation
Selection Use the checkboxes to select whether you want to show all courses in the winter semester or summer semester.
Date Options
  • Select whether fixed, planned or canceled dates should be displayed in the timetable.
  • You have the option of displaying (planned) exam dates.
  • If you do not want every single date in a series of dates to be displayed in your timetable, enter a value n > 1 in the "Summarise if <n> or more same dates" text field. The "sameness" refers to the day of the week, start and end time, location (room), event type (e.g. lecture), date type (fixed, planned, canceled or rejected) and additional text. Canceled and deleted appointments are displayed separately.

    Example (summarised):

    Example (not summarised):
  • You can select individual lecturers using the “Only Dates of” selection field.
Days Without Classes
  • Include in List “Except on”: Causes dates without classes to be listed separately. This option is only evaluated if "Summarise if <n> or more same dates" is also activated.
  • Select: If course dates also take place on non-course days, then this will be displayed next to the course date. This option is only evaluated if "Summarise if <n> or more same dates" is not activated.


Further Options
  • One papge per course: creates a page break after each course
  • show courses without dates
Additional Text The text entered here will be displayed at the end of the file. Number of characters allowed: 2000.