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All courses in KLIPS 2.0 are transferred to ILIAS through the KLIPS 2.0-ILIAS Interface, provided the instructor does not block the automatic transfer. This means that ILIAS courses are created for all courses in KLIPS 2.0 (with the corresponding KLIPS 2.0 title).

If you have received a place for a course in KLIPS 2.0 and this course is also transferred to ILIAS, you are also a member of the ILIAS course. Once the transfer is complete, you will find the course on your personal desktop after logging into ILIAS.

Please note: Many courses are offline at the beginning of the semester and still need to be activated by the instructors. For this reason, if you have any questions, it is advisable to wait until the second week of the semester. We also ask you to contact your instructors first. 

Further Information about  ILIAS

In the support area of ILIAS, you will find detailed FAQs about ILIAS. In addition to this, the CompetenceCenter E-Learning of the Prorectorate for Teaching and Studies of the University of Cologne can also help you - contact details are on the right.