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Organising Bookmarked Courses

You are able to bookmark courses in KLIPS 2.0. Course bookmarks are bookmarks of courses you are interested in (similar to bookmarks of a web browser). These bookmarks are collected in the view My Bookmarked Courses in the Courses application.

You can activate a variety of notifications for the courses in your bookmark list. As soon as something changes about one of the bookmarked courses, you will be informed by e-mail.

Depending on your settings, you will receive notifications if:

  • the max. number of participants of a course group is changed
  • a new (additional) course group is set up
  • an equivalent course has been approved
  • registration or de-registration deadlines have been changed
  • new course dates are entered
  • if course information is added that was not available yet when the courses offered for the given semester were added to KLIPS 2.0

You can find out how to create and organise bookmarked courses in the following chapter.

Please note that the views on desktop computers and mobile devices differ.

Go to Organising Bookmarked Courses – Desktop View

Go to Organising Bookmarked Courses – Mobile Devices