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Deregistering Students

1. You have opened the Exam Management application.

2. Select the Exam (De)Registration module.

The List of Exams/Assessment window opens.

3. In the Candidate column, click on the exam date from which you want to deregister students. The List of Candidates window opens.

4. If you would like to deregister an individual student, select the student. Another navigation area appears at the top right.

  • In the navigation area, click Deregister in the Operations (for Selected Exams) row.

    The Deregister Candidates dialog window opens.

  • Click the Deregister button or Back if you want to correct your entry.

5. If you want to deregister all students, click Deregister in the Register/Deregister row of the navigation menu without selecting a student.

  • The Deregister Candidates dialog window opens.

    Click on the Deregister ALL Candidates button or Back if you would like to correct your entry.
  • Click the Finish button to complete the process.

6. In the De/Registration row of the navigation menu, click History to check who registered or deregistered whom and when.