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Editing Business Card – Desktop View

1. To edit your personal business card, click on your User Name in the in the top menu bar and select Business Card in the drop down menu that opens.

View of the home screen. The user name on the right of the top menu bar and the Business Card menu selection in the user menu that opens below is highlighted.

2. Your personal business card appears. Open the Select (Detail View) drop down menu on the left and click the Edit button.

View of the business card. On the left side below the second menu bar and the house symbol, the Select (Detail View) button is highlighted as well as the Edit menu selection in the menu that opens underneath.

3. In the view that opens, you can now add or change some of your data. Your Smail Address ( is linked to your user account and cannot be edited.

View of the business card editing form. The email address is highlighted in the first line of the form.

Please note: You are not obliged to add any additional information or details or to upload an image of yourself to your business card. Please be aware that your business card profile can be viewed by some members of staff (e.g. teaching staff of courses you are registered for).

4. In the row Confirmed Email Address, you have to option of deleting or replacing a private e-mail address that you already saved during the application process or adding a new one.

Please note: Please be aware, that this e-mail address is only relevant for the Basic Account for new applicants and that KLIPS 2.0 will no longer use it for communication after your enrolment. Your basic account will be replaced by your student account after enrolment. After activation, all e-mails relating to your Student Account will only be sent to your smail-address.

To do this, click Edit.

View of the business card editing form. In the second row the Confirmed Email Address is highlighted, as well as next to it the empty box and the Edit link.

5. A pop up appears. In the row New Email Address enter the e-mail address that you wish to save. Click Add. The e-mail address now shows up in the table below.

View of the pop-up Confirmed Email Addresses. In the top row, a new email address is entered and highlighted in the field next to New Email Address. Below that, the Add and Save buttons are highlighted.

6. To save the new confirmed e-mail address, click Save.

7. The pop up updates once more. In order to finalise the confirmation of the new e-mail address, click on the link in the confirmation e-mail that was sent to the new e-mail address and follow the instructions.

8. Click on the Red Cross if you intend to delete the new e-mail address. This is only possible if you did not confirm the e-mail address yet. Click Save to confirm the deletion.

9. If you want to replace an already confirmed e-mail address, repeat the steps 5 through 7. The old e-mail address will be replaced once you confirmed the new one via the link in the confirmation e-mail.

Updated view of the Confirmed Email Addresses pop-up. The table in the middle area now shows the entered e-mail address. Next to it, the notification that a confirmation link has been sent to the specified email address is highlighted, as is the red cross Delete to the right of the notification and the Save button below it.

10. To upload an image to your business card, please click on Edit in the row Business Card Picture.

View of the business card editing form. In the fifth row, the Business Card Picture item is highlighted as well as the Edit button next to it.

11. The upload page opens. Click Durchsuchen (“Browse …”) or Datei auswählen („Choose File“) in certain browsers to upload a photo from your photo library. Take note of the given specifications for the photo (max. file size 500 KB, optimal aspect ratio 3:4, autoscaling 150:200 pixels).

View of the upload page. The Browse button is highlighted, as well as the specifications for the photo next to it. In the section Current Picture below, the gray area No Image is highlighted.

12. The selected photo appears on the left side of the screen. Click on Save.

View of the updated upload page. The uploaded photo is shown in the preview on the left. On the right, the Save button is highlighted.
Personal Business Card in KLIPS 2.0, Photo: © contrastwerkstatt –

13. If the photo was uploaded successfully, a corresponding message appears at the top of the page.

14. If you decide not to use the uploaded image, please click Delete Current Picture. Otherwise, click Close to return to the editing form.

View of the updated upload page. Below the preview image on the left, the Delete Current Image button is highlighted. On the left, the Close button is highlighted.
Personal Business Card in KLIPS 2.0, Photo: © contrastwerkstatt –

15. Under Display Options you can now decide whether the image can also be seen by anonymous users (always) or only by logged in users (Only to Authenticated Users). Click Save to confirm your settings.

View of the business card editing form. The Display Options are highlighted below the Edit button for the Business Card Image item.

16. Your personal business card updates. It now shows your photo on the right side.

Please note: The business card picture does not function as your student card image - this has to be uploaded separately. Information about uploading your student card image can be found here.