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Customising Application Menu – Desktop View

The default view of the Application Menu displays all the Applications that are available to you. The following options allow you to customise the Application Menu according to your preferences.

View of the home screen. Above the application menu, the Filter by Application Title field and the grid view, list view, and Recommendation buttons are highlighted.

The filter Filter by Application Title in the top left corner of the application menu enables you to filter according to a Search Term. If you enter e.g. “Exam”, you will only see applications whose titles contain the word “Exam”.


You may switch the view of the application menu by clicking the buttons Grid View and List View on the right hand side of the application menu.

View of the home screen. The list view is selected and the list view button above the application menu is highlighted. In the application menu, the My Degree Programme application is highlighted.

By clicking the Sorting Button in the top right hand corner of the application menu, you can sort the menu by title or recommendation. The default setting is “Recommendation”: all applications are sorted by priority.