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Checking Curriculum Contexts – Desktop View

1. Click on the Courses application in the application menu on your personal Home Screen.

View of the home screen. The Courses application is highlighted in the Favourites and All Applications menu.

2. The Courses application opens in the view My Courses. This view lists all of the courses you have applied for in the selected term.

Excerpt of the My Courses view of the Courses application. On the left, the semester filter 2022 S is selected and highlighted. On the right in the first list entry, the Edit Course Registration button is highlighted.

  • If you want to check course registrations of earlier terms, choose the relevant term in the drop-down menu Term in the top left area of the page.
  • To view the details of a specific course registration, click on Edit Course Registration in the list item for that course registration.

Please note: If the registration and deregistration periods have expired, the button changes to Show Course Registration.

3. The page Course Registration - Course Groups of Course opens. The table Current Status shows the details of your application for this course. In the column Curriculum Context you can see the curriculum context that you have chosen for this course.

View of the page Course Registration – Course Group of Course. In the Curriculum Context column, the selected context is highlighted. In addition, the identification code of the course is also highlighted.

Please note: If you are unable to clearly identify the curriculum context by the node title in the column, the identification code in squared brackets may help you. It contains the number of the allocated module in your degree programme. If you open the application My Degree Programme, you will find this number in front of the respective module in the curriculum tree of your degree programme.

View of the curriculum tree in the My Degree Programme application. The identification code of the course, which was marked earlier, is now also highlighted in the corresponding nodes.

Please note: The curriculum context of a course registration can only be changed before receiving a confirmed place. The prerequisite is that the course has been allocated to different modules by the department. To change the curriculum context, deregister from the course and choose the desired module context when re-registering for the course.

In degree programmes of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Human Sciences, it is possible to change the module context of a course retroactively, provided it has been allocated to multiple modules. As soon as a valid successful participation has been entered for such a course, you can adjust the curriculum context. Click here for detailed instructions.