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Registering for Exams - Mobile Devices

1. Tap on the My Degree Programme application in the application menu on your Home Screen. For a better view you may switch the application menu to the list view.

2. The application opens the view My Degree Programme. The last selected part of your degree programme is displayed.

Please note: Depending on your mobile device, only part of the curriculum structure is displayed. Swipe right or left, or up and down to see columns and rows not shown in the mobile view. We recommend using landscape format to view the tree structure.

If you want to register for an exam in a different part of your degree programme, tap on the menu button on at the top left next to the KLIPS 2.0 logo.

3. The operations menu of My Degree Programme opens. If necessary, swipe up and then tap on the button Show My Degree Programmes.

4. In a tabular overview, you will find your degree programme as well as the individual subjects of your degree. Select the part of your degree programme in which you want to register for an exam by tapping on the Curriculum Number. You can also tap on the subject in the column Name of Degree Programme. If necessary, swipe left or right to be able to tap on the necessary area.

5. The selected part of your degree programme will now be displayed in the view My Degree Programme. Expand the curriculum structure by tapping on the "+/-"-Symbols in order to navigate to the desired exam. If registration for an exam is possible, a green P () is displayed. Tap on the green arrow  () to open the exam registration.

Please note:

In some cases, ...

the notification "Calculation of results not completed yet" appears above your curriculum structure. In this case, registration for an exam might not yet be possible. Normally, the calculation of your results should be completed overnight.

individual module and exam nodes will not be shown. In this case, the missing nodes are possibly inactive. More information about inactive nodes can be found here.

6. The application Exam Dates opens in the view All Exams. A list shows all entered exam dates for the current academic year for the chosen exam. In order to show only exams for the current term, you can set a filter for the term. Open the drop down menu under Term in the upper left area of the page and choose the relevant term.

7. If you want to further narrow down the results, tap on the button Filter and choose the desired filters in the opening pop up window, e.g. (De)registration Possible. Tap Apply.

The filter Including Exam Dates for Equivalent Courses is already preset.

8. The list updates. Now all exams for the selected exam node are displayed according to your chosen filters.

The list items show all relevant information for an exam: type of exam, exam number, title, term, date, time, room, examiner, responsible person for exam planning/procedure, registration period, last day for deregistration and the number of currently registered students.

The status of a registration is shown at the bottom of each list item.

  • If registration is possible, this is shown by a blue button Go to Exam Registration.

  • If registration is not (yet) possible, the status is Registering and Deregistering not Possible.

  • If you have already registered for an exam at this exam node, the status Already Registered is displayed above the button Go to Exam Deregistration. You can open the deregistration for this exam by tapping on this button.

  • If you have already registered for an exam at this exam node and other exams are available for this exam node, the button Change to this Exam Date will be displayed. You can open the reregistration for exams by tapping on this button.

  • If you are registered for an exam at this exam node and registration and deregistration are no longer possible, the status Already Registered - Registering and Deregistering not Possible is shown.

9. Choose an exam by tapping on the button Go to Exam Registration.

10. The registration page opens.

  • check in the drop down menu Choose Degree Programme if the correct part of your degree programme has been selected.
  • check the drop down menu Select Curriculum Context if the correct curriculum context has been selected.

Sometimes an exam is allocated to multiple curriculum contexts. This may e.g. be the case for course examination for extracurricular courses (see screenshot). If so, you may still change the curriculum context at this point. Tap Select Curriculum Context and choose the relevant curriculum context in the drop down menu that opens.

Please note: As soon as you register for an exam within the framework of an elective compulsory module, you are committing to this elective. You may not undo this choice by yourself. Only the responsible department/institute can retract or edit this.

11. Tap on the button Register.

12. The page updates. A notification appears at the top of the page that your registration has been successfully completed. The status has updated to Already Registered.

13. By tapping on the button My Exams you open a list of your registered exams in the application Exam Dates. The exam you have just registered for is now displayed in that list.

Tapping the button Go to All Exams opens the list All Exams of the application Exam Dates: it shows a general list of all available exam dates in KLIPS 2.0.