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All Exams

The tab All Exams displays all your exams that have been entered in KLIPS 2.0.

Please note: The list does not only include proper exams, but also all other achievements for which a result has been entered in KLIPS 2.0. This will e.g. include ecognitions of credits.

Color coding of entries:

  • Black: The exam result has been officially validated and finalized.
  • Orange: You have registered for this exam.
  • Grey: The exam result has not yet been officially validated and finalized.
Reading the table All Exams
Column Meaning/Notes
Grade Shows the grade for the respective course or exam.
ECTS Credits Shows the achieved credits for the respective course or exam.
Date Shows the exam date that has been entered into KLIPS 2.0.
Ident. Code Shows the identity code to which the course or exam has been allocated. The link opens a list of all courses or exams which have been allocated to the same identity code.
Examiner Shows all persons who have been assigned as examiners to a course. Clicking the link opens the personal business card of the examiner.
Recognised Shows whether an exam has been recognised or not.
  • J = Exam has been recognised.
  • N = Exam has not been recognised.
Valid Shows whether an exam result has been validated and finalized.
  • J = Exam result has been validated.
  • N = Exam result has not been validated.
Exam Type Shows the type of exam. The abbreviation “FA” refers to a subject or module exam.
Exam Mode Shows the exam mode of the exam. Possible codes:
  • B = Assessed/Continuous Assessment
  • K = Combined Exam
  • M = Oral
  • Q = Practical and Oral
  • R = Practical and Written
  • P = Practical Exam
  • S = Written
  • U = Written and Oral
Attempt (Course) Shows the number of attempts for a given course or exam. The link opens more detailed information about the attempts. Possible entries in this column:
  • Number = the number of the student’s valid attempts.
  • Void = there are no entered attempts for this course/exam.
  • “-“ (minus) = There has been a valid attempt, which has not been counted. This sometimes appears when medical certificates are presented.
Note This column shows notes that have been entered in the process of grading the exam.
Minus Points This function is presently not in use at the University of Cologne.