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First Steps

The technical requirements for working with KLIPS 2.0 are minimal. All you need is an internet connection and an up to date web browser (e. g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

The KLIPS 2.0 website is:

Information for students who are visually impaired: KLIPS 2.0 has not been optimized for screenreaders. For this reason, you may require assistance from a second party.

What does KLIPS 2.0 offer?

KLIPS 2.0 provides important information and applications for planning and organizing your studies such as for the:

  • Downloading and printing out of documents (applications, transcripts etc.)
  • Registering and withdrawing registrations for exams and courses
  • Viewing of exam results
  • Checking of the payment status of social fees
  • Managing of course plans and personal appointments
  • Sending of emails about room and schedule changes
  • Searching for teaching staff, institutions, rooms and courses

 An overview of the KLIPS 2.0 Applications can be found here.