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Prioritising Course Applications

Depending on the applicable procedure to detemine the sequence of admissions, you can prioritise your course place requests. This can be done using the Course Registration application.

1. Go to your Personal Business Card.

2. Click the application Course Registration in the Application Menu. The application Course Registration will appear. In an overview, all of the courses you have applied for will be displayed. The status of a course application is shown in brackets after the title of the course:

  • Course Place Request: You have applied for a course. If this status remains following the publication of the application period's results, you have not received a place in this course.

Please note: If you hover the mouse over the "i"-icon, a tool tip pops up, which explains why you have not received a place in a particular course:

a) The are no more places available in the course group.

b) The scope maximum has been reached. "Scope maximum" refers to the pre-set number of course places available to you in a given semester in a specific area.

c) There is a scheduling conflict with another course for which you have a received a confirmed place.

  • Waiting List: This means that you are on the waiting list for a place in this course. If this status remains following the publication of the application period's results, you have not received a place in this course.
  • Confirmed Place: You have a place in this course.

3. In the Navigation Menu, click on Prioritise Requests in the row "Operation". 

4. The window "Prioritise Course Place Requests" will appear. Here you can prioritise your applications by using either the Choice Boxes option in the left margin or the Drag & Drop option. 

Please note: In KLIPS 2.0 all course places are allocated according to a specific procedure to determine the sequence of admissions. For each faculty at least one such procedure is in place. There are two different procedures: the course place request procedure and the first come, first served procedure. Course applications with a prioritising option may be prioritised according to preference, as long as places for these courses are allocated according to the same ranking procedure. Prioritisation may be done across modules, in some cases also across subjects, however not across faculties.

For detailed information about the allocation of places please read the chapters "Allocation of Places" and "Allocation Results". 

5. As soon as you change the original sequence, the status shown by the colour of the circle to the left of the name of the faculty will change (from green to orange). 

6. Click on Save. In the upper area of the window, information confirming the prioritisation of the courses will appear and the circle indicating the status will change its colour back from orange to green. 

7. Close the window "Prioritise Course Place Requests".