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Applying for Places in Courses

In the allocation of places in courses, the UoC differentiates between the Applying for Courses and the Allocation of courses.

Within the framework of the application phase, you can apply for courses in KLIPS 2.0. and prioritize your choices according to faculty.

When the application phase has finished, the places for courses are allocated in KLIPS 2.0. You will be informed of the courses you have received places in before the semester begins .

Applying for and Prioritizing Courses

The quickest way to apply for courses in KLIPS 2.0 is by using Study Status application. Using "Curriculum Support", it offers you the best overview of courses offered within the framework of the SPO version of your degree program. 

An overview of the courses you have applied can be viewed using the Course Registration application. You can also prioritize your choices using this application.

Detailed instruction on how to do all of this can be read in the following:


Please note: There are some exceptional courses: Preparation Practice Semester (M.Ed), Course Application - Medicine, Module Application BSc Biology (1. bis 4. FS), OE-Application: Short-Term Students, Studium Integrale.