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Applying for Studium Integrale Courses

Application for courses offered within the frame work of Studiums Integrale is done according to the same process as described in Applying for Places in Courses.

1. Click on the application Registration Status in the Application Menu. 

2. The application Registration Status will appear. In a tabular overview, your study program will be displayed. 

  • If you are studying one subject, that one subject will be displayed.
  • If you are studying more than one subject, you will find your complete degree program on the first row, and in the following rows the different parts of your study program (see screenshot below). In the view of the study program, you can find, for example, the module for your final thesis and the courses available within the framework of Studium Integrale.

3. Click on the column "Study Plan" on the Curriculum Number to see the curriculum of your degree programme in "Curriculum Support".

Please note: If you are studying more than one subject, you will find the Studium Integrale courses in the curriculum of your degree programme (See Screenshot).

4. In "Curriculum Support", you will find courses offered within the framework of studium integrale. By clicking on the  +/- symbols, you can extend or reduce the curriculum.

5. To apply for a course during the application period, click on the top green arrow that is to the right of the title of the course.

6. The window " Course registration - select study programme and node of curriculum version" will appear. In the field Degree Program, you will see your chosen subject, and a section of your study tree in which the course you are applying for is. 

Please note: In some cases, multiple exam nodes of the same name may appear. In the above example, this is the "Kompetenztraining" offered by the Professional Center. This means that the course can be taken within the context of two different modules. The choice of node does not matter.

7. Click on Continue.

8. Follow the the information provided under Applying for Courses / withdrawing Application from step 9.

9. To prioritize applications, follow the information provided under Prioritising Course Applications.

Please note: You can prioritise all courses in KLIPS 2.0 that have a procedure to determine the sequence of admissions. Each faculty has its own procedure. Within the framework of Studium Integrale, the procedure complies with that of the faculty offering the course. The Professional Center has its own procedure.