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Preparation Course Introductory Module "Preparation Practice Semester"

Registration for preparation courses in the introductory module "Preparation Practice Semester" (M.Ed) requires two steps. In the first step, you apply for a places in the preparation courses, which you then prioritise in the second step.

Please note: There are 60 places in each preparation course but only 20 profile group places (with the exception of the preparation courses in the advanced courses, which have 40 profile group places). Therefore, a profile group place in a specific subject/ subject area cannot be guaranteed. Within the framework of the allocation process, applications with a high prioritisation will be used for the allocation of profile groups. Before the semester begins, you will be informed which preparation course will be your profile group.

Contents of this Chapter

Applying for Places in Preparation Courses/ Withdrawing Applications

1. Go to your Personal Business Card.

2. Click on the Registration Status application in the Application Menu

3. The Registration Status application will then open. In a tabular overview, your degree programme as well as the individual subjects of your studies will be displayed. The introductory module "Vorbereitung Praxissemester (Preparation Practice Semester)" is on the curriculum of your degree programme. 

Please note: If you completed your undergraduate studies at the University of Cologne, this information will also be visible (see screenshot below). Use the columns "Name of Study Programme", "Status" and "Subject-Specific Semester" as guides. 

4. Click on the Curriculum Number of the degree programme in the "Curriculum" column. 

5. The curriculum will then open in the window  "Curriculum Support". Go to the introductory module "BM Vorbereitung Praxissemester (Preparation Practice Semester)" in the curriculum. To apply for a place in a preparation course in your subject during the application period, click on the green arrow () to the right of the title of the respective course. For more convenient planning, the tabular view for the course shows the lecturer as well as time and place of the first session of the course. 

Please note: Currently, all subjects and subject areas that are offered in the Master of Education degree programme are displayed in the preparation module. Only apply for courses of your degree programme.  

6. The window "Course Registration - Select Degree Programme and Node of Curriculum Version" will open. In the choice box Degree Programme, you will see your degree programme and below that the parts of your curriculum tree where the preparation semester is offered.

7. Activate the Selection Field of the exam node where the preparation semester is offered. 

8. Click on Continue.

9. The window "Course Registration - Select Group" will open.

10. Activate the checkbox Anmelden ("Register") and then click on the Register button.

11. The page will be updated. You will see your application under "Current Status". By clicking on Deregister, you can withdraw your application. 

12. Close the  window "Course Registration - Select Group". You will be redirected to the "Curriculum Support".

Please note: If multiple courses are offered for a subject/subject area, you should apply for as many as possible to guarantee that you get a place in a course in the respective subject/subject area. Repeat steps 4 to 11 to apply for more courses.

Prioritising Applications for Preparation Courses

After you have applied for courses, you can prioritise the applications. To do this, you use the Course Registration application.

1. Go to your business card.

2. In the Application Menu, click on the application Course Registration. The application Course Registration will appear. In an overview, all of the courses you have applied for will be displayed. The status of a course application is shown in brackets after the title of the course:

  • Request for Place: You have applied for this course. If this status remains following the publication of the results of the the application period, it means you have not received a place in this course.
  • Confirmed place: You have received a place in this course.

3. In the Navigation Menu, click on Prioritise Requests in the row "Operation". 

4. The window "Prioritise Course Place Requests" will appear. Here you can prioritise your applications by using either the Choice Boxes option in the left margin or the Drag & Drop option.

5. As soon as you change the original sequence, the status shown by the colour of the circle to the left of the title will change (from green to orange).  

6. Click on Save. In the upper area of the window, a notification confirming the prioritisation of the courses will appear and the circle indicating the status will change its colour back from orange to green. 

7. Close the window "Prioritise Course Place Requests".