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Faculty of Medicine: Applying for Courses (Clinical Semester)


Please note: As of Summer Semester 2016, all student of the Faculty of Medicine in clinical semesters will use KLIPS 2.0 for applications. 

The following instructions for general and individual registration explain, for example, applying for courses in the first clinical semester. Students in later semesters follow the same procedure.


General Registration

Prerequisite: "Physikum"

1. Go to your personal Business Card.

2. Click on the Course Planning - Registration application.

3. Course Planning - Registration will open. Three choice boxes will appear. Chose:

  • "Humanmedizin" in the choice box Curriculum,  
  • the semester, i.e. winter or summer, in the choice box Semester in academic year,
  • for the first clinical semester 5. Semster etc. in the choice box Recommended Semester in curriculum.

4. Click on Continue.

5. In a tabular overview, the groups as well as the available places in each group will be shown. To view the dates of the groups, click on the corresponding row on the link Dates

6. To register for a group, click on the row of the preferred group on Register.

7. After registration, the buttons will change to "info" and "Deregister". 
If you would like to leave the group you have registered for, click on Deregister.

Viewing Dates in Calendar

You have an overview of all courses in your calendar.

1. Go to you personal Business Card by clicking on your name on the top right of the page.

2. Click on the Calendar application.

Please note: Exam dates (marked in red) only become visible after the application period is over. Further information about the calendar application can be found here.

Additional Registration Dates

Please note: For the 1st clinical semester, there are 5 cases where separate registration dates are required in addition to the general registration period.

1. Querschnittsblock QB 2 "Geschichte, Theorie und Ethik der Medizin (History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine)" (Internship)

Please note: Please ensure that the date of the internship does not clash with another rotation internship of your group. The rotation plans can be found here:

2. OSCE-1-Exam (For queries, send a mail to:

3. Progress Test

4. Wahlpflichtblock (Compulsory Elective Block)

5. Other faculty courses, e.g. Entrance to clinical part of studies (White Coat Ceremony)

Procedure using the example of "Geschichte und Ethik (Praktikum)[History and Ethics (Internship)]":

1. Go to your personal business card.

2. Click on the Registration Status in the application menu.

3. The application Registration Status will appear. In a tabular overview, the program "Humanmedizin" will be displayed. Click on the column "Name of study programme" on Humanmedizin or under "Curriculum" on the corresponding Curriculum number

4. The curriculum in the form of a tree structure in "Curriculum Support".

Please note: By clicking on +/- symbols, you can expand or collapse the curriculum.

5. In the navigation area, click on Semesterplan in the node row. The semester plan will appear.

6. In the column "Node description", click on 5th Semester (Students who are in later semesters chose here on the corresponding later semester, i.e. 6th to 10th semester).

7. Open "Querschnittsblock Geschichte, Theorie, Ethik der Medizin" by clicking on it and then on "Geschichte, Theorie, Ethik der Medizin - Kleingruppenunterricht".

8. To register for the internship, click on the green arrow to the right of the title "Geschichte und Ethik Praktikum".

9. The "Course registration - select study programme and node of curriculum version" will appear. In the choice box, you will see your degree programme and the part of the curriculum where the internship is offered. Activate the choice box of the exam node "Geschichte, Theorie, Ethik der Medizin - Kleingruppenunterricht".

10. Click on Continue. The window "Course registration - select group" will appear. You will then be provided with an overview of multiple internships.

Please note: On the very right in the column "Time/Date", you can see the first date of the internship. By hovering the mouse over the clock symbol, a tool tip will show you where the internship is taking place as well as the time. By clicking on the clock symbol, all dates of the internship will open in a separate window.

11. Click on the Register button next to the title of the internship for which you would like to apply.  The page will be updated. Under "Current status" at the top of the page, you will see all internships fro which you are registered. You also have the possibility here to deregister or to register for a different here.