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Organising Course Bookmarks

Course bookmarks are bookmarks of courses you are interested in (similar to bookmarks of a web browser). These bookmarks are collected in your Course Bookmark List, which can be accessed by opening the Course Bookmarks application.

You can activate a variety of notifications for every course in your bookmark list. As soon as something changes about one of the courses, you will be informed by e-mail.

You will receive notifications if:

  • the number of participants allowed to take part in a course has been increased, 
  • an additional course group has been added to a course, 
  • registration or de-registration deadlines have been changed or
  • additional information about a course has been entered into KLIPS 2.0, that was not available at the time of the course registration. 

Contents of this Chapter

Configuring Default Settings

Please note: It makes sense to configure your default course bookmarks settings before bookmarking any courses. If you do this after you bookmark courses, the settings will not apply to your previously bookmarked courses. 

1. Go to your Personal Business Card.

2. Click on the Course Bookmarks application in the Application Menu. The application will open.

3. In the navigation area, check the academic year. 

4. In the row "Operation > Configure", click on Default Settings

5. The window "Default Settings" will open.

6. Activate the functions for which you would like to receive notifications by ticking the check boxes to their right. 

7. Click on Save and Close.

Adding Course Bookmarks

1. In the Organisation Tree, go to the organisation (department, institute etc.) whose courses you would like to view. The organisation's business card will appear.

2. On the business card, click on the Courses application in the Application Menu. The "Courses Offered" will be displayed.

3. Beside each course title, there is a Star Symbol:

  •   means that a course is not yet in your bookmark list and can be added.
  •   means that this course is in your bookmark list.

4. By clicking on the Star Symbol, you can add the course to your bookmark list. By clicking on the Star Symbol once again, you remove the course from your list. 

Opening Course Bookmarks

1. Go to your Personal Business Card.

2. Click on the Course Bookmarks application in the Applications Menu. The application will open.

3. Check the academic year in the navigation area.

4. Your course bookmarks will be displayed for the chosen academic year. 

Please note: To edit the notification settings for a course, click on the Pen Symbol on the very left of the row containing the course title.