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Information about Elective Compulsory Modules

Please note: Given the amount of elective compulsory modules (ECMs) and the differences between the ECMs of the different subjects, there is no detailed information about them in KLIPS 2.0. We therefore advise you to contact the institute/department etc. of the module, who will be able to provide you with more detailed information. 

Does My Subject Offer Elective Compulsory Modules?

Check the "Curriculum Support" in the Registration Status application to see if Elective Compulsory Modules are offered within the framework of your degree programme.

1. In the Application Menu, click on the application Registration Status.

2. To view the curriculum of your subject, click on the corresponding Curriculum Number in the column "Curriculum".

3. If  there are unchecked Check Boxes in the column "Sel" ("Selected"), your degree programme has elective compulsory modules.

Please note: If nothing has been selected, a yellow exclamation mark will indicate this. In addition, there are check boxes with a W beside them for each ECM that can be selected. In the example above, you may choose between the options "Studienprofil mit Masterarbeit im Fach Musikwissenschaft" und "Studienprofil mit Masterarbeit in einem anderen Fach". In addition to this, you may choose two of the four modules offered within the framework of the "Aufbaumodule". The number of modules results from the number of ECTS credits awarded that are shown in the corresponding column. Research modules ("Forschungsmodul") as well as colloquia ("Kolloquiumsmodul") are compulsory and therefore will not appear as options.

How Do I Choose an Elective Compulsory Module?

1. Always contact the responsible institute/department regarding the subject's regulations for choosing the desired elective compulsive modules first.

2. The institute/department will then either:

  • enter the ECM of your choice into KLIPS 2.0 or
  • provide you with instructions about selecting ECMs in KLIPS 2.0 by yourself. As there are many subject-specific differences, we cannot offer universal instructions for choosing your elective compulsory modules.  

Please note: Once you select an ECM in KLIPS 2.0, you cannot undo that choice by yourself. In addition, selecting an ECM will entail that other options, which have been ruled out by your selection, will no longer be visible for you (see screenshot and information below). Changes to an already selected ECM can only be done by the responsible department/institute. 

Please note: A green tick indicates that you have selected a module. The checkbox underneath the tick will still be visible but will no longer be active and cannot be changed by you. In the example above, "Studienprofil mit Masterarbeit im Fach Musikwissenschaft" has been selected and "Studienprofil mit Masterarbeit in einem anderen Fach" is no longer an option. In addition to this, "Interdisziplinäre Zugänge zur Musik" and "Empirische Musikforschung" have been selected within the framework of the "Aufbaumodule". With the exception of "Forschungsmodul" and "Kolloquium",  all other modules are no longer options. 

Do I Committ to an Elective Compulsory Module by Registering for a Course or an Exam? 

Registering for a course in KLIPS 2.0 does not mean that you have committed to a certain ECM. 

Please note: If, toward the end of the semester, a course attendance for a course in an elective complusory module is entered into KLIPS 2.0, you will indeed have chosen this module as your ECM. Therefore, please deregister in due time from courses you do not wish to keep attending,

Please note: As soon as you register for an exam within the framework of an ECM, you are committing to this ECM. You may not undo this choice by yourself. Only the responsible department/institute can retract or edit this.