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Courses of the University of Cologne

KLIPS 2.0 provides you with  different ways to view courses on offer at the University of Cologne:

  • You can look up courses according to the organisation (e.g. Faculty, institute, department). Detailed instructions as well as an explanation of the table "courses" can be found on this page.
  • Using the application Registration Status, you can look up courses of your degree program.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Search Function to look up all courses offered at the University.

View Courses of an Organisation

To view the courses of each Organisation (i.e. faculty, institute etc.), please do the following:

1. In the Organisation Tree, chose the organisation of whose courses you would like to view. The Business Card of the chosen organisation will be displayed.

2. Click on the Business Card of the Organization in the Application Menu on the application Study Courses. The "Courses" will be displayed. It contains all courses offered by the chosen organization and all sub-organisations thereof. 

3. Using the navigation area, you have the possibility to further define the course list: 

  • Choice of "Study Year"
  • Choice of "Group": Compulsory Subject/Elective Subject or Semester

4. At the top of the table, you will find symbols for how to Sort  and Filter  each column.

Content of the Table "Courses"

In a tabular overview, you will be provided detailed information on each course. Following this, the courses are presented in more detail.

Column Function, Note
Course Nr. The course number is a 9-digit sequence of numbers. The first five digits represent the organisation (faculty, department, institute) and each organisation has their own sequence of numbers. The four digits after the 5-digit organisation number represent the course number. Each course has its own individual course number.
Sem. Semester, in which the course takes place:
  • W = Winter Semester
  • S = Summer Semester

If the dates of the course are available, the letter (W or S) will be highlighted in green.
Term (dates). Dates on which the course takes place. By clicking on the symbol, the window "Dates for the course" will open showing all the dates (time, dates, place) the course takes place.
Title By clicking on the title of a course, a detailed view of the course will open showing all information about the course, the module(s) it belongs to, credit points etc. You will also get information here on the position of the course in the curriculum.
Duration Duration of the course (hours of course per week).
Type Type of course: e.g. LC language course, SE (seminar). The course types are specified in the central settings.
Part. Provides information about applying for a course group of a course. Courses are divided into “Course Groups”. In the simplest case, a course has one course group, the standard group.
  • (grey): There is no active course group and therefore no application/registration deadline. Registration for this course is not possible.
  • (yellow): The registration deadline(s) for the course group have been entered into KLIPS 2.0 but have not yet began. Application/registration is therefore not yet possible.
  • (red): The application/registration deadline for the course group has expired. Registration/application is no longer possible.
  • (green): The current date falls during the registration/application period of at least one of the course groups. Students can register for a course group if the web registration is possible and registration prerequisites are fulfilled.
Exams Provides information about dates and the registration deadlines of the exams of a course.
  • (grey): No exam date for this class yet.
  • (yellow): There is an exam for this course but the registration period has not started yet.
  • (red): There is an exam but the registration period has expired.
  • (green): There is at least one exam for this course. The current date falls in the registration period.
Eval. Provides information about the evaluation status of the course. This function is not presently active in KLIPS 2.0.
Info Additional information/resources for a course (files, internet addresses etc.).
  • (grey): There is no addition information/resources in KLIPS 2.0 for this course.
  • (green): There is/are information/resources in KLIPS 2.0 for this course. By clicking on this icon, the window “Further Information” will open and all resources (internet addresses, documents to download etc.) will be displayed.
SPO P/W/D Shows the number of modules assigned to a course. The link opens the window "Position within Curriculum".
  • P = Number of allocations of course as Compulsory Subject
  • W = Number of allocations of course as Elective Subject
  • D = Number of allocations of course in the curriculum of PhD Studies
Please note: At the moment, not all of these details are in KLIPS 2.0. If you would like for information about the “Position within Curriculum” of a course, click on the course title.
Lecturer (Assistant) Provides the name of the instructor and assistants.
resp. org. Information about the respective organisation (faculty, department, institution).
Language(s) of Instruction Information about the language(s) of instruction.