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Applications in KLIPS 2.0

KLIPS 2.0 comprises different Applications, which can be accessed using the Application Menu of your Personal Business Card. You can open an Application by clicking on it. The following explains the applications offered by KLIPS 2.0.

"Teaching & Research"

Name of Application Description
Course Bookmarks Course Bookmarks are bookmarks of courses you are interested in (similar to bookmarks of a web browser). These bookmarks are collected in your course bookmark list, which can be accessed by clicking on the respective application. You can activate notifications about the courses in your bookmark list. As soon as there are changes about one of the courses in your list, you will be informed by e-mail.


Name of Application Description
Accreditation/ Recognition In the application Accreditation/ Recognition, students can see transfer credits and accreditation of prior learning.
Applications Using Applications, you can apply for undergraduate studies or apply for a transfer from another university.
Course Planning - Registration The application Course Planning – Registration is used by students who are currently in clinical semesters at the Faculty of Medicine as well as B.Sc.-students of Biology (only 1st-4th acacemic semesters) in order to sign up for courses through the general course registration.
Course Registration The Course Registration application provides you with an overview of the courses you are registered for or for which you have applied. You can prioritise applications for courses in this application. In addition to this, you can also withdraw applications for courses.
Current/ Home Address Using the application Current/ Home Address, you can organise your address details. Please check the addresses here and keep them up to date.
Exam Registration The application Exam Registration is your first point of reference when you want to register for an exam in KLIPS 2.0. Exams you are registered for are displayed in an overview. You can also de-register from exams using this application.
Exam Results In the application Exam Results, students can see an overview of all exam results.
Print Documents Using the application Print Documents, you can e.g. print out your certificate of enrolment. Other documents for printing will be added to this application.
Registration Status The application Registration Status provides you with a comprehensive overview of your studies. When you open this application, a tabular overview will be displayed. In the first row, you will find your degree programme and in the following rows the individual sections of your programme. To view the structures of an area, click on this in the overview. The study structure will then be opened in the "Curriculum Support" and the modules, courses and exams of the chosen areas will be displayed in the form of a tree structure. The "Curriculum Support" provides you with an overview of your study programme and exam regulations (SPO-version).
Social Fee The application Social Fee provides you with an overview of all information pertaining to the social fee: the amount due, the account details as well as the status of your payment (i.e. confirmed or outstanding).
Student Dossier The application Student Dossier archives all official documents relevant to you as a student so that they may be accessed and printed at any time.
Student Files The application Student Files offers an overview of your master data as well as other important data related to your studies. In addition, all completed courses and exams as well as completed degrees and theses at the University of Cologne are listed.
Suspensions The application Suspensions provides you with an overview of suspensions that may have been entered for you by the Student Application and Registration Office ("Studierendensekreatariat").
Transcript of Records The application Transcript of Records is used to print your transcript of records (including passed and failed exams).


Name of Application Description
Calendar Courses in which you have received a place are automatically added to your Timetable. This can be seen in KLIPS 2.0 using the application Calendar. Using the settings of the calendar, you can also include courses in your calendar for which you are on the waiting list for (this option also includes courses you have applied for).

In addition to your timetable, you can add your own appointments to the calendar. In this way, you will have all your appointments and courses in one place. You can also import the calendar to iCal.
My Requested Documents If you requested the download of a document but could not wait for the completion of the download, you will find this document in the application My Requested Documents. The requested document is available for download for seven days and will be deleted after the download.
Personal Settings In Personal Settings, you can change the appearance of KLIPS 2.0 to suit your needs, i.e. by sorting icons, changing font size etc.


Name of Application Description
UCCard Photo Upload Using the application UCCard Photo Upload, you can upload a photo of yourself that will be printed on your UCCard.