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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Applicants


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  • How do I create an applicant account?

    Please note that only one applicant account is possible per person. 

    Applicants: If you already have an applicant account, use this to log into KLIPS 2.0 to apply for courses. 

    Former Students: If you were registered at the University of Cologne in the past, please contact the support team using the word Reactivation in the support form and wait for a reply.  

    Currently enrolled Students: Please log in using your existing student-account (Smail-Account) in KLIPS 2.0 and apply for your chosen course. 

  • Can I change or correct any details after I have created an applicant account?

    You are only able to set up one applicant account. Creating multiple accounts will hinder you for making applications.

    If you make any mistakes when setting up your applicant account, please send an email that includes your applicant number to the student information office at: studsek(at)

  • Who receives a student account (Smail-Account)?

    You receive a new student account (and your pin to activate your account) when you start studying at the UoC or if you were enrolled at the UoC within the last 12 months. If your enrollment at the UoC was longer than a year ago, you can request new login details from the RRZK.

  • When do I get my PIN to activate my student account?

    After you pay your social fees and have enrolled, you will receive an email with information for activating your student account.  

    If you have paid and registered and have still not received the information after two days, please contact the student information office at: studsek(at) or contact KLIPS-Support. Please include your application number.


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  • How can I withdraw my application?

    In the column "operations" in the overview of "My Applications", you can check the status of your application using the  icon . Click on withdraw application. You can now withdraw your application.

    Please note: If you withdraw an application, you cannot apply for the same degree program again for the rest of the semester. 

  • Can I change details in my application?

    If you wish to change any details (for example, submission details such as gender or name), please contact the Student Information Office and include your application number and the exact information that has to be amended at: studsek(at)

  • Which documents have to be submitted with my application?

    After you accept a study place, the documents that have to be submitted will be shown to you in KLIPS 2.0. Further information is available here. 

  • Can I change my subject combination before I submit my application?

    Changing subjects is not possible in the application wizard after they have been entered (even before you submit your application). If you would like a different subject combination, do not submit the application and start a new one. 

  • What should I do if the information in “Academic Background” is incorrect?

    Please contact the Student Information office per email and include your application number at: studsek(at)

  • How many subjects can I apply for?

    Information regarding the amount of possible applications is available on the website of the Studierendensekretariat (student information office).

  • How can I check the status of my application?

    Log into using your applicant or student account in KLIPS 2.0 and click on Applications on your business card/workspace. 

Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) -

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  • How do I apply for a study place that uses the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) (Subjects: Physics, Geophysics, Economics, Law)?

    Please register in the application portal of After doing so, you will receive an Applicant ID (BID) and an Applicant-Authentication-Number (BAN).

    Following this, apply for a study place in KLIPS 2.0. During the application process, you will be asked for your Applicant ID (BID) and an Applicant-Authentication-Number (BAN). 

    Further information is available at the website:

  • In which portal do I accept a place for a DoSV degree-program?

    If you have applied for a degree program that uses the dialogue-oriented service procedure  (DoSV), you must accept you place in the Applicant portal of hochschulstart.
    Further information is available here: